Google and United Nations will monitor Environmental Changes

Google will monitor environmental changesThe United Nations and Google are teaming up to help in measuring the impact of human activity on ecosystems around the globe. This project will be launched today and it will give real-time data to countries and organizations seeking to plan and execute actions in response to rapidly changing in environmental conditions. The major target of this project is free to access to collect valuable data because a large number of countries will be able to execute sustainable development. The head of UN Environment Erik Solheim said in a press release that this project will only be able to solve the major environmental challenges of our time after getting the correct data. The UN Environment is happy to be teaming up with Google. It would make sure that we have the most advanced and sophisticated online tools for progress tracking, identifying priority areas for action and binging one step forward into a dependable world.

Google will focus on fresh-water ecosystems in the short term such as mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers, and lakes. Google will generate geospatial maps and data on these ecosystems and it will be based on the massive parallel cloud computing technology. Countries and organizations can rely on both satellite images and generated statistics on the degree of change in these areas. Longer-term goals are focused on ensuring that the project becomes a platform for open-source, free environmental data. Both organizations are looking to use it in order to gauge progress on the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. This isn’t the first use of satellite imagery to determine the impact of human activity on the environment, but it is one of the largest and the fact that access to the data will be free of charge.

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