Google to present new Redesigned Gmail interface to Ease Access

Google to present new Redesigned Gmail interface to Ease AccessThe latest announcement from Google has clearly indicated that Gmail is being given a major overhaul to make your working life a lot easier. The company is making some new changes in order to bring many of its G Suite applications together within Gmail for faster and easier access to different tools. Google is now looking to present the redesigned Gmail. It will also become a major collaboration and discussion hub. The credit goes to a new feature called Rooms, topic-specific chat rooms similar to Slack Channels. It is noteworthy that Rooms will be a space where colleagues can share tasks and calendar invites during discussing work in real-time.

Google Meet is the company’s dedicated video conferencing platform. It was added to Gmail in April this year and will continue to stay where it is, but will make a new picture-in-picture mode available without leaving Gmail. Google Docs is also being integrated into Rooms and you’ll be able to open a full document in a side-by-side pane next to an ongoing conversation. The feature aims to make real-time editing and collaboration simple, again without leaving Gmail. You’ll also be able to share files and assign tasks right from the email platform, making Gmail a one-stop productivity shop. The integration isn’t just limited to Google’s own G Suite applications.

Point to be noted that third-party apps like DocuSign, Salesforce, and Trello will also be available within the new Gmail. Google will also be rolling out new security features for Chat and Meet. So, users can better control who participates in video calls. Unwanted attendees can be locked out and will then also be prevented from rejoining a call. The company also said that anti-phishing protection will also be rolled out in the coming weeks. The Gmail redesign is currently being tested by select companies, but will soon be rolled out to all G Suite users. Google has confirmed that the security updates to Chat and Meet will be implemented for everyone whether these changes will be available to consumer Gmail users.

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