Google needs to integrate its Duo Video-Calling App on Android Platform

Google needs to integrate its Duo Video-Calling App on Android PlatformGoogle is now looking to integrate its Duo Video-calling app across the Android platform directly into the dialer app. It was reported by Android Police that a new video-call icon has mounted on the in-call screen of Google Pixel 2 XL smart-phone. This option can be visible after enabling Duo app by both caller and receiver. The ongoing voice call will be disconnected after clicking on the video-call button and it will initiate video call with the receiving person via Duo. The social giant hasn’t yet announced when the feature will be available to Google Phone app for everyone. It might be similar to how Face-Time video and audio calls that are integrated in the Apple Phone app on iOS. Point to be noted that a Face-Time video & audio call option can be placed directly if both parties have iOS devices.

The report further indicated that Google has planned to integrate the video-call option in Android messages in its Messenger version 2.6. The update is still not available for Android users, but it eventually puts a video call icon in every contact conversation installed Duo app. The Allo messaging app of Google was designed to take on WhatsApp, but it seems unsuccessful. Duo with its efficiently stable video-calling has crossed more than 100 million downloads from Google Play Store. People will be able to find video option in the call history and search with version 13.0 or later of the Phone app. The video call history of Duo already shows up in dialer log of the user. The search option just works at the time of searching in call log.

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