Google Chrome now supports Media Keys of your Keyboard

Google Chrome now supports Media Keys Google has planned in making use media buttons of your keyboard in Chrome. The social giant announced an advanced version of Chrome 73. Its centerpiece now supports media keys on various latest PC keyboards. You should have a Windows, Mac or Chrome operating system.

But, you have to pause a web video even your browser is working in the background. It is due to this can cause problems if you leave a media app open regularly. But it could be immensely valuable if you treat YouTube such as a jukebox or just have to dash off in a hurry.

Moreover, Mac users will feel happy to hear that Progressive Web Apps are now available for the platform. They bridge the gap between websites and native apps with their own launchers, windows, and distinct notifications.

It is noteworthy that this is regarding providing consistent access to PWAs across platforms. You should know about the app you like is available on virtually any computer, not to mention mobile devices. Chrome 73 is now available and Google will reveal more feature details of the browser in the near future.

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