Google announced Chrome 77 with One of its Best Features

Google announced Chrome 77 with one of its Best FeaturesGoogle has started presenting Chrome 77 across various platforms. It is offering one of its best features to provide you a path to quickly shoot web pages from one device to another. If you want to send the page you’re reading on your laptop to your phone, you just need to do is right-click on a tab and choose a device appearing in the pops up menu. Tap on the notification you receive to open the same page on your phone. You can already see open tabs across devices via the History Section, but this option will ensure that you’ll be able to access a specific page even if your mobile internet doesn’t work.

If you were reading something during commute and want to move to a bigger screen when you get home, you will also be able to send a page from your phone to a desktop or laptop. Just tap on the 3-dot (more) menu in your mobile browser and select Share to see an option indicating Send to your Devices (it brings up the devices you can send a page to). The company started rolling out to a small test base in July, but it is now available to everyone.

This new tool eliminates the need to mess about with bookmarks or email URLs to you. You can tap the menu button in Chrome, select ‘Share’ and select the option ‘Send this page’. It will enable you to send the current page to any device you’re currently signed into using your Google account. The receiving device will display an alert that includes the name of the sharing device, the name of the page, and the URL. It shouldn’t be considered just a new feature added in Chrome 77 for Android. Once you receive the update you’ll also notice a new, simplified Downloads screen. You will find a row of buttons along the top of the screen to select different file types.

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