FM Radio will be Offered by LG for U.S Phones

FM Radio will be Offered by LG for U.S PhonesRadio has been considered an innovation of last century, but it might be a cheaper and effective way for broadcasting media because it will not cost you any data. There are various foreign manufactured smart-phones have radio tuners, but they are difficult to find in devices specific for the United States. Now, LG has collaborated with “NextRadio” in order to provide free access of FM radio to its users in the United States who buy future smart-phones of LG Company. This process doesn’t seem more complicated because LG will just enable FM chips in its future devices. The Company will offer NextRadio app in providing access to local stations to its users.

The press release of NextRadio has indicated that FM uses 20 times less data and 3 times less battery as compared to data-guzzling streaming radio services. It doesn’t matter whether users wish to do without their song-choosing freedom and subject themselves to the Billboard To 40 might be another question. It would be a solution for users with too simple handsets or those who can’t afford heavy data plans. But, there are a number of users that have been efficiently detached on a huge data budget per month. It is not clear whether this new feature will be able to get more use in the United States and which upcoming phones from LG will offer to get benefit from this deal to tune into FM broadcasts. It is also unclear which carriers will allow the NextRadio app to be installed.

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