Fix an Annoying Last Update Bug of Windows 7

Fix an Annoying Last Update Bug of Windows 7Microsoft is releasing one final update for Windows 7 while the OS has entered its final stage of life ended on 14th January 2020. It seems like a rather irritating bug has made its way into the update. Windows Latest reports have indicated that there are a number of users have complained using Reddit and Microsoft support forums. They alleged the final update of Windows 7 (KB4534310) introduced a bug. It replaces the existing desktop background with a black screen and users can restore the wallpaper. But, there is a disturbing issue that the solid black background returns after a reboot of the PC.

Some tech experts believe this bug is caused by the activation server of Microsoft. It assumes the Windows 7 device isn’t activated or is using an illegal product key. This might be a genuine issue and Microsoft’s activation servers have problems. It isn’t a proper way to get anyone out still using Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10. Moreover, some users have upgraded to Windows 10 but also reporting issues. There is only one way to fix this issue is to reinstall the update either KB4534310 or the security-only update KB4534314. Here is an efficient way to fix the issue.

Open the Start menu, go to Programs >> Programs and Features >> View installed updates. You will find those 2 updates there. Click one of them and then select >> Uninstall. It is important that Microsoft’s last update for Windows 7 contains a bug. Microsoft has recommended upgrading PC supporting Windows 10. It’s been having a bit of a nightmare recently with Windows 10 updates. Each new update is supposedly introducing new bugs and issues while trying to fix older ones. This issue is a relatively minor annoying instead of something more dangerous. We are hopeful that Microsoft will fix these issues instead of leaving Windows 7 and its users alone.

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