First look at the Amazing Features of Windows C-Shell

First look at the Amazing Features of Windows C-ShellMicrosoft has been progressively working on presenting the full Windows experience for all types of devices over the past couple of years including phones, PCs and Xbox One. But, there are still a number of differences with how Windows may run across those devices. So, the company has been developing C-Shell. It is a latest version of the Windows Shell and it can adapt to screen sizes of all types and to unify the entire experience. It was indicated that it would play a vital role in Fluent Design Strategy of Microsoft. It was broadly focused on scaling Windows to a number of devices. Now, Windows Central reported that you are ready to get the first look at what C-Shell originally looks like on a Windows phone.

At its initial look, C-Shell looks similar to the current Windows shell on mobile. But, when you go deeper, you will find some major and important changes in it. It would actually offer more size options for Live Tiles on the Start screen for just one. It also brings over the Action Center from Windows 10 and includes a landscape option for showing the Start screen. C-Shell also offers the ability to Windows Continuum to run various apps at once in windows mode, rather than forcing them to be full screen. The company has indicated that it has been considered one of the biggest achievements with Continuum and would be a specific and more useful upgrade.

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