First Largest EV Battery Factory in Europe to be Built by LG

First Largest EV Battery Factory in Europe to be Built by LGMajor car-manufacturers in Europe need high capacity batteries as the auto industry is moving significantly into electric vehicles. Now, a number of companies such as BMW, VW, and Volvo have purchased high capacity batteries from Asia. LG is constructing a car battery factory in Poland in order to fulfill an increasing demand of high capacity batteries and it has been considered the first car battery factory in Europe. The vice president of LG Chemicals, Chang-Beom Kang said that the company has selected Poland due to it is the most competitive location for production in order to fulfill the requirements of European and other international car manufacturers. The cost of this facility is estimated at more than 1.63 million U.S dollars and it will be constructed in the city of Wroclaw.

The city of Wroclaw in Poland is close to the border of country with Germany. Point to be noted that Germany has been considered one of the major car manufacturing countries in the world. The chemical department of the company is planning to manufacture more than 100 thousand EV batteries and it is expected to be started in the next year. The company is recruiting 2500 people for its new factory and an R&D center will also be included in the factory. Kang further indicated that the demand of high capacity batteries have been increased in Europe and it is just the start. Paris recently indicated that it has planned of a ban on the sales of new fossil fuel car by the year 2030 and both the UK and France will impose a ban on the sale of flaming vehicles by the year 2040.

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