Facebook Messenger Public Chats have Started in Australia and Canada

Facebook Messenger Public Chats have Started in Australia and CanadaThe plan of Facebook to reinforce its public group chat feature has become official.  The social giant indicated in a press briefing that they have planned to launch a test version of Messenger Rooms on Android devices in Canada and Australia. It was also said that its supposed code was similar to old app, but not the same as the old Rooms app. You just need to search or create a room around a predefined topic, and then you will be joined. If you feel any trouble and need to receive floods of fishes, you should need approvals for new participants.

It was not mentioned that when Rooms will be available to the UK, U.S and other potential countries in the world. The Canadian and Australian Facebook has launched a method to test English-language features with specific and small amount of audience in order to ensure the smoothness of the work and fulfill demands for a wider rollout. The public announcement about Rooms by the Facebook suggests that you will be able to experience the features in the other regions very soon. It was also said that it would be more secured investment compared to the Rooms stand-alone app. It would not be dispensed for Facebook as many other resources defines that it would be dedicated software and you can only use the feature if it already exist inside the app.

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