Experience Android Share Menu with Web Apps in Google Chrome 71

Chrome 71 Android Share Menu UpdatedGoogle Chrome is one of the attractive and efficient Web browsers on the internet. A large number of people prefer Chrome browser due to its best performance, attractive interface and easy syncing with mobile devices. Google Chrome is perfectly designed and available with essential features. Just a couple of days ago, Google started announcing Chrome 71 for Android. It is a new version from the company presented with some security enhancements and new tweaks. A new feature Chrome 71 Android Share Menu got updated with Web Apps.

Web Share API allows web apps to share text or images to native apps. This new feature is now available for Chrome 71 on Android. Chrome 71 brought a new payment warning screen. It appears when websites not properly disclose that the information entered by users will be used for subscriptions. The users can decide to go back or proceed after such warning. Autofill & payments option is now split into Payment methods and Addresses and more.

Google has brought this change for quicker management and easier understanding. It has the ability to detect pages that don’t follow the practices on how to make it clear that a transaction is going to occur. The entire new security improvements and tweaks cut down malicious sign-up and billing charges. Chrome 71 now requires user activation for speech synthesis. The Autoplay policies block automatically-played audios and videos. Chrome 71 brought relative times to its ‘Intl’ API. The phrases can now be handled by the JavaScript engine. It provides a significant amount of performance boost.

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