Electricity can be Generated using Human Tears: Ireland Scientists

Electricity can be Generated using Human Tears: Ireland ScientistsThe electricity can be generated from tears and other human fluids such as milk and spit, said by the Ireland scientists. Researchers at the Bernal Institute at the Ireland University of Limerick recently published a study in the journal Applied Physics Letters. They have analyzed that body fluids can be used to control the dispensation of drug in a human body. The study indicated that this technology will eventually use devices having the capability of taking energy from their surroundings. It would replace current biomedical devices containing lead and other harmful chemicals. The researchers further said that they applied pressure on the crystals of a protein (lysoszyme) found in egg whites and human fluids in order to generate electricity.

The researchers pointed out that their study has confirmed the protein found in egg whites, tears, spit and mammalian milk have the ability to generate electricity after pressing them. It has been considered the specific ability in the generation of electricity by applying “Piezoelectric” pressure. It will then convert mechanical energy into electrical. Lead author of study, Dr. Amy Stapleton said that in “lysoszyme” crystals, the amount of “Piezoelectricity” is large and it is a harmless substance. It can have various innovative applications, such as electro-microbial coatings for transplant. Stapleton further indicated that the basic principles of electricity generation discovered during the period 1920 and 1930. The “lyssoszyme” was first discovered in 1921 by Scottish pharmacist Alexander Fleming as an antibiotic prior to the discovery of penicillin. It became one of the first proteins to be drawn with 3D in 1965.

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