Edit your Drone Videos Automatically using Parrot App

Edit your Drone Videos Automatically using Parrot AppThere are a large number of people capturing amazing videos using drones, but editing them has always been considered a time consuming task. You will be more surprised if you are spending hours in cutting 10 minutes of worth watching video. Now, Parrot has presented a much better way in solving this issue. So, a Flight Director feature has been added to its Free Flight Pro mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. It has the ability to automatically edit your drone captured photographs. The algorithms within the app efficiently study the behavior of drone and makes up to 3 minutes video length and it is based on a handful conditions. The conditions include the style (Trailer, Chronological or Cinematic), pre-created themes, and other existing photographs.

There might be a major dilemma in selecting your soundtrack, so be prepared to pay up in getting the full experience. It allows you to create “best of” clips (15-second duration) for free. If you need to experience its full features, you will need to get the premium version of the feature in-app. It is obvious that you should have a Parrot drone, including Bebop 1, 2 or Power. It is important that you can also get much similar apps from the likes of GoPro, but there might be some differences in your experience. It would be more suitable to those regularly recording aerial videos and it would allow them in spending more time for flying their drone.

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