Dexcom G5 to Monitor Your Glucose Levels Continuously

glucoseThe Dexcom G5 is offering a technical Glucose Monitoring System in order to monitor the Glucose level in human blood. It is considered as the latest in a long line non- intrusive glucose meters. It is still relying on a specific and dedicated hardware for receiving blood sugar levels report. The news published on some tech news websites that Dexcom G5 would enable you to track blood sugar by using their phone. This specific function can be performed several times in a day after or before meals, by keeping tabs on your body’s level of glucose, which will provide a much better way in your life for monitoring diabetic’s level.

We believe that new version would forward updates directly to iOS devices using Bluetooth. It would create possibility for you to monitor you blood sugar changing levels and moments by sending alerts on your phone. Which will enable you to collect more data and more control with less efforts. It is much essential part in our life but it requires a special hardware in order to read blood test strips or use any stand alone hardware receiver for devices that have the capabilities in reading sugar levels in the blood. The new technology has been introduced and approved by FDA for an iOS compatible glucose meter that can provide continuous updates to your phone. The persons can get a free update and can upgrade their G5, who have bought company’s previous meter after 25th July. But those customer who bought it before 25th July can also upgrade by spending 200 to 300 U.S dollars for getting updates.

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