Daydream VR Platform Opened for Developers by Google

Daydream VR Platform Opened for Developers by GoogleThe Daydream of Google is looking more striving smart-phone based VR software platform compared to the earlier Cardboard system. The former’s public release about countdown clock was started when Bloomberg posted an article in the month of August and predicted its immediate launch. But, we are still waiting for the first Daydream phones to be presented in fall. The VR SDK version 1.0 of Google is supporting it due to it has launched beta version and it is currently available for download on their developer site. If you need to get your app on the launching day then you should apply for the Daydream Access Program.

It is important that Google is controlling very carefully what will be available on its live platform. Both the Cardboard API and more complex Daydream One will be supported by the VR SDK, and It includes proprietary controllers of the platform. Google made partners with Unity and Unreal in getting native integration with entire plug-ins and binaries available at their developer blog post. If you are thinking that how potential programmers will be able to departure with their apps before launching Daydream smart-phones in the next couple of months. There is just one approved is Nexus 6P to handle the SDK, but it is not the accurate solution. It is expected that device would run very hot due to the performance thermally throttle GPU & CPU after a small amount of use, but it depends on the workload.

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