Cloudflare launched DNS Switching Tool for Android and iOS

CloudflareCloudflare has made it easier to hide your mobile browsing from your ISP and access unavailable contents. The company recently launched a app for smartphone users. It makes amazingly easy to switch between DNS services with a couple of taps. Cloudflare launched DNS service earlier this year. The major objective was providing privacy and speed, but most users were unfamiliar with such settings. The process of launching for iOS and Android is easy and simple. It is noteworthy, the app and the service itself are free.

Cloudflare service is a free DNS-resolver and offers privacy and security. After launching the iOS and Android app, the company has made the possibility for mobile users to switch it on and off quickly and easily. There are numbers of reasons to consider using a DNS service instead of the one offered by default from your ISP. It is possible for your ISP to monitor your DNS queries. Your ISP can also block content in your country using an alternative DNS you can bypass this restriction. The mobile app for might be invaluable for travelers. You will also find that the DNS is faster than others.

People can see your visited sites if you are on a public internet connection. It is also possible that your Internet Service Provider can sell your entire browsing history to the highest bidder. Now, the launch of would make it easier to get faster and private internet experience. It seems more complex for most people to use, especially on mobile devices. But, people can now use updated every time you connect to the internet using your mobile phone. You can download it now because it is easy and free.

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