Chrome will Block Disturbing Ads from 15th February 2018

Chrome will Block Disturbing Ads from 15th February 2018Google announced in the month of June that Chrome will automatically start blocking the disturbing ads from the beginning of 2018. Most of us know about wrongdoers ads that automatically play sound and enforce people to wait for several seconds before loading the desired page in order to run your browsing experience. The social giant has announced that Chrome will start blocking these harmful ads from 15th February 2018. The VentureBeat also pointed out that announced date shouldn’t be considered the release of a new Chrome version. It is important that Chrome version-64 will be thrown out on 23rd January and Chrome version-65 is scheduled for 6th March 2018. So, it is expected that Google will turn on the ad blocker and it will be added in its new Chrome version-65.

But, it is still unclear if that implemented to every instance of the browser. Google earlier promised to block such types of ads after joining the Coalition for Better Ads. It specifically spotlights these types of harmful or offensive advertisements in its Better Ads Standards. Most experts believe that it will throw-out most annoying offenders. The Coalition is also hopeful that users will stop applying ad blocker and it would stop entire ads from loading. A developer of Google mentioned in its blog post that Chrome will remove entire ads from sites on 15th February 2018. The blog post confirmed that the action will be taken against ads that continually violate Google’s Better Ads Standards for more than 30 days. Affected site owners will be able to submit their sites for re-view after identifying the discovered violations.

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