You Can Find info in Apps Offline by Google Search on Android

You Can Find info in Apps Offline by Google Search on AndroidThe Android users are able since 2013 to use Google Search in order to find out stored things within the apps on their mobiles, not this feature is available with an upgrade. Google has recently announced that its new section of “In Apps” within the search bar will just show the results from your installed apps, such as specific messages, music, contact info, notes and videos. Google also pointed out that the searching will take place on your phone while you are working offline rather than in the cloud.

The claims of WWDC 2016 by Apple comes into mind by having this feature on-device about how it works to protect privacy by deep learning technology and the users can manage that which apps to be shown in the search results. Keep in mind that your all-Zayn playlist is between Spotify & you. The upcoming V20 phone of LG will be presented with a support of this feature through a specific shortcut on primary or home-screen and its secondary screen. It is expected that you will be able to see results from Gmail, YouTube and Spotify anytime when the update notification comes to your phone. It will be available very soon on LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, Glide, Evernote and Todolist.

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