Audio-Books are being Sold at the Google Play Store

Audio-booksVarious media types have been sold by the Google Play Store during last a number of years. But, the social giant has presented a new and more attractive category; the Audio-books. An image was leaked a couple of days ago showing that Google Play has started selling the Audio-books in 45 countries with 9 languages. The Audio-books are available on almost every device as with most other Google services, including Android, iOS, Google Home speakers, and the web. You should need to download the Google Play Books app prior to play a book on your device. The company still focused on text-only options. If you are a frequent user of the Google Assistant then you just need to say “Hey Google, read my book”.

So, your phone or speaker will start reading the most recent book you closed last time. It is interesting that your location to listen to book will be synchronized across devices. So, you don’t have to worry about finding your place to listen to your book across multiple devices. The Audio-books will also be available without any subscription, despite the expected universality across devices and platforms. The Audible service of Amazon performs a much similar task. The social giant is pushing heavily to the people toward its subscription service of $15 per month. Google has just launched this service and we can’t exactly compare its prices with Audible service of Amazon. But, it is important that Google is offering a number of services at less than $10 and considered it as an essential part of an initial sale.

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