Apple is Launching Flight Data Detector for iOS 9

ios-9-flight-lookupApple has announced adding new feature in iOS 9 and OS X Capitan for those who are frequent travelers. Both operating systems have a ‘flight data detector’, it would enable you to view flight numbers and all the related information you need. It will not provide you the exact time of arrival or departure of flights, but it will provide a detailed map identifying the predefined expected aircraft position. Point to be noted that it will not change any existing travel app but it will be more beneficial for you in order to check for flight delays or monitoring airplane location for your satisfaction.

Before launching this new feature, users were only able for tracking airplane with the help of a third party app by their iPhone, such as FlightRadar24. Now Apple has planned to introduce a new feature with its new iOS 9 operating system and OS X Capitan operating systems, and this new feature is called as Flight Data Detector. Flight tracking apps are being famous on iOS operating devices with the availability of App Store. Point to be noted that this news (about launching a Flight Data Detector for iOS 9 and OS X EI Capitan operating systems) was not highlighted during Apple’s WWDC keynote. This news was highlighted by a Reddit user. This new feature matches Apple’s focus on Secured and Specific search with transit maps support on both platforms. It is expected that this new feature don’t have fully featured app compared to Flight Board for iOS. But we hope it would be more popular among frequent travelers using iOS and OS X EI Capitan operating systems.

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