The App Store of Apple has Been Changed

stock-photo-adelaide-australia-september-clicking-the-app-store-icon-on-an-ipad-running-ios-ios-250627222Apple has planned to unveil some important changes in methods for interaction by developers and users to the App Store. The Senior Vice President of Apple for Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said that Apple has focused in improving everything from the review experience of app to the discovery process. He pointed out that the major change is the shift in the business models. It would allow for subscriptions from various types of apps. He indicated that 70/30 revenue will be divided between the Apple and developers. But, if the app will be able to keep a user subscription for more than one year then the split shift in their favor to 85/15.

The LoopInsight indicated that developers would have an option to choose “One of over 200 price points of subscription” and they will be able to create specific pricing according to the region. It a developer will select to increase a subscription price then users should re-authorize the increase in price. He pointed out that this new mechanism will be applied on current subscription-based apps. The shift will be an attractive option for developers in order to offer their games and apps for applying monthly fee instead of offering a static single price. The decrease sales of iPhones would allow Apple about the arrangements to move the existing users into more profitable revenue streams. Schiller also indicated that searching results for the first time, Apple will introduce display ads into the iOS App Store.

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