Android Apps will Now run in the Background of Chrome OS

Android Apps will Now run in the Background of Chrome OSIt shouldn’t be considered curiosity to run Android apps on your Chromebook, but it doesn’t mean that it will run well. Most of those current apps pause when you switch away. Most of us know that it is efficient for a phone, but you will not expect it on a computer with a multi-window interface. They are now becoming more efficient and functional. Chrome Unboxed has indicated that the Chrome OS 64 beta presents Android Parallel Tasks. It enables Android apps in running with full potential, no matter what you are doing.

It would enable you to watch a video using a mobile app during your work, surfing the web, or to take a break from a mobile game without crushing changeovers. But, there isn’t any guarantee that Android Parallel Tasks will reach the stable Chrome OS 64. So, you may not need to plan a purchase after discovering the feature. It is very hard to conceive Google leaving this out. It has been considered one of the major steps toward the Android in bringing it entirely integrated with Chrome OS. If you are coming from a more traditional computing platform, you would expect more betterment. It is also a debatable step toward managing Chrome OS behave according to your expectations.

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