Amazon Appstore – The Third Largest App Store With Around 400K Apps

Amazon AppstoreThe giant e-commerce website has been tracing the Google and Apple in the app store race. Amazon has taken the initiatives to improve its offerings, and this is the reason, this has started to pay off to the amazon a good pay off. Amazon has had a difficult time against, the biggest storefronts from Apple and Google. But it’s making some headway to create changes in it. A spokesman for the Amazon told CNET that Amazon App Store has reached to the 400,000 app worldwide, and up from the 300,000. And this is double figure from the year of the last two years. And this is the best achievement for the Amazon. These numbers will be increased and people are taking this website as user friendly in downloading the apps, that’s the reason, there is a convenience for the people to make use of this e-commerce giant.

We have made the huge progress on that, Mike George, who is vice president of games and apps said in an interview that we are just setting the right directions to have the right selections. We have made the huge progress on that.

According to the spokesman of the Amazon, he says, if we look at the App store of the Amazon, which was designed four years before, then we will find out that this was only designed for the company’s fire tablets and fire phone smartphone- still there is a gap of thousands of apps among the Google, Apple from the Amazon app store. Here we can say that, Google and Apple each have more than 1.2 million apps. And there are still lacking of biggest titles in the Amazon store as Google and apple have.

If we have a strong app store, then it is critical for the sale of Amazon’s device sale. Amazon is making the great efforts to develop the special apps for its platforms so that people have the dual benefits.

Amazon has pushed to address that issue, and the company is closely working on this issue to get it done, and company has hired the game developers to bolster the store’s catalog and bring it to the most popular apps. George said that Amazon has doubled up its apps, and this is due to the popularity of the Amazon’s virtual currency, Amazon coins, which provide the discounts for the app purchases as well as fire phone, which didn’t sell well when this phone was launched last year, but still there are superb apps from the developers.

Moreover, George said that AMAZON will work to keep building up the catalog and focus on making apps more affordable, and the credit goes to the Amazon coins and its free daily app program.

A big plus point, that Amazon has got from the app store is that once people start using it, they often become a repeat customers, since Amazon users are accustomed to spending their money on the products and services of the company, and this is always one of the best feature of the Amazon.

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