Amazing Features of upcoming iOS 11 from Apple

Apple feature for drivingUsing mobile phone during driving might cause more critical situation. But, most of us often ignore all those notifications while we pay attention on the road or during driving. Now, a new feature has been created by Apple for its upcoming iOS 11 with a specific title “Don’t Disturb While Driving”. The feature performs according to your expectations. This feature will prevent all those alerts from appearing on your mobile screen during driving on the road. The software will use Bluetooth or WiFi Doppler effect in order to find out how rapidly you are moving. So, if you try to check out your screen during driving, you will experience a blank screen. After using this feature for just once, it will ask you to launch DNDWD when it find out if you are moving in a vehicle.

There is another option and you can dismiss appearing notice by replying that you are a passenger not a driver. This feature has the ability for auto-reply to texts with a message while you are driving. There is another option to create a list of specific contacts and the feature will use this list to text back Urgent to display text of those contacts whether you are running the feature “Don’t Disturb While Driving”. The new option has been considered a way from Apple in making the iPhone more users friendly and safe while the driver doesn’t have access to CarPlay. It is important that Apple has updated its Maps app with lane guidance and drivers will be alerted to use their specific lane.

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