ActionDash of Google can monitor your consumption time on different Apps

ActionDash of GoogleThe Digital Wellbeing of Google is a feature on Pixel and Android One devices. It has the ability to inform users how much time they consume on various apps. The app is coming to Android and it is the form of a new app called ActionDash. If you are wondering just how much time you spend on your phone or perhaps just on particular applications, you will find an app for it. This Verge has indicated that it is one for all Android users.

Moreover, ActionDash provides Android owners with the same information that Pixel and Android One owners have through the feature Digital Wellbeing. Similar to the Google version, ActionDash offers a complete breakdown of a user’s daily phone activity right down to the minute. You will be able to track your overall smartphone screen time or just the time spent on various applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and the like.

The Verge also said that the applications are almost identical and apart from a basic user interface, though the Android version doesn’t allow you to set usage limits. The developer of ActionDash, Chris Lacy confirmed that he’s exploring ways to add that feature to the app. The ActionDash is now available on the Google Play for free with an in-app purchase option to remove ads and get some extra minor features like dark mode.

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